About Us

The Blue Bell Story. The Blue Bell Club was formed back in the 60’s in Johnsonville. Pip and her cousin Mark formed the Club and recruited children from the neighbourhood. The main aim of the Blue Bell Club was to control the neighbourhood, source local product, and make good pocket money. Pip’s Dad was an electrician and Mark’s Dad has developed and sold Maxicrop, a seaweed plant food. So between two hardworking sets of parents, the Blue Bell Club became a small retail mobile store, selling electrical equipment, orchard fruit, and Maxicrop bottles. Members of the Club were referred to as “Bell” and those titles are still used today between aging cousins. Discipline was vital ( it was the 60’s)  and loyalty to Club rules was expected.

So coming down in time (to 9 years ago) it seemed to Pip and Ramona that the Blue Bell Club was the perfect name for our new pacifika business!!

We have gone from an online business, markets, showcasing our products in fabulous shops (Te Papa and Pataka Porirua) and  now we have our own retail space at Harbours Edge, Parumoana Street, Porirua. We are the proud owners of a Pacifika Container Box called “Blue Bell Club - Pacifika Showroom.

Our work is one off, colourful and between a small team of 4 we are delighted to offer you something that is truly different .